Founded in 1967, the Sylvia Plotkin Judaica Museum has grown to be one of the Southwest’s most important institutions of education in the Jewish heritage. With a full program of exhibits, events and activities, the Museum offers all audiences a unique insight into the 5,000 years of Jewish culture.

The Permanent Collection display is built on a theme of Holiness, a basic principle of Judaism, as manifested in Torah, Shabbat, and Holiday observances and Life Cycle events. The exhibits, from all over the world, are vivid examples of the sameness of Jewish life as well as its adaptability in all cultures.  Many of the ceremonial objects  reflect the Sephardic Traditions from the Middle East Countries.

New CBI Virtual Exhibits: Sharing Our Jewish Treasures

Exhibit dates: June 8-September 8, 2020

New Virtual Congregational Exhibits!

As part of our “We Are CBI” centennial celebration we are creating new virtual exhibits featuring Jewish treasures and ritual items from the personal collections of our congregants. These quarterly exhibits, called “Sharing Our Jewish Treasures”, were created and curated by Cantor Seth Ettinger to enable our congregants to not only tell us, but also show us  their personal life stories so that we continue to build deeper personal connections to each other. Our first exhibit on the Ketubah features 35 beautiful and unique ketubot along with wedding photos and a few special recordings of how to keep creating and sustaining marital bliss from year to year. The exhibit will run from June 8th to September 8th. To access the exhibit, click the image below.