Tell the Israelite People to brings gifts…from every person whose heart so moves them…And let them make a Sacred Place so that I may dwell among them. -Exodus 25

We Are CBI and we need you! COVID-19 has created severe financial hardships for many of our members and we are experiencing a growing need for financial support, more than ever before. Many who have never asked for assistance need our help now and we anticipate additional needs in the months to come.  At CBI we will not accept resignations for financial reasons; we will not turn away a baby or a toddler at the Chanen Preschool because parents need a tuition break; we will not say goodbye to one Religious School student or Bar/Bat Mitzvah because of financial need.

The ALL FOR ONE campaign has been established to support our CBI families and help make CBI membership and programming accessible for all. A majority of the ALL FOR ONE fund will be used for individuals and families directly for membership and scholarship based on need.  A small portion will be used to support and grow our programs.

ALL FOR ONE represents a gift of the heart, Tzedakah, which will enable all of us to help another family.   The campaign will not be able to achieve its full potential unless WE GO ALL IN! Every member is asked to give, and every gift no matter the amount will be a mitzvah of the highest honor.

Our goal is to achieve 100% participation!

More than ever we are counting on your support.
Your contribution will change lives for the better!

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