The rite of passage (Bar and Bat Mitzvah) for coming of age in the Jewish tradition marks a significant step toward Jewish responsibility for fulfilling Mitzvot and continuing on the journey to lifelong Jewish learning. Accordingly, the Bar and Bat Mitzvah is not an end but a part of the means for creating strong, meaningful and powerful commitment to Jewish Peoplehood. Congregation Beth Israel provides a very thorough program for our B’nei Mitzvah students.   By participating in our Religious School program, training and tutoring, Jr. BITY, regular attendance at Shabbat Services and becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah on our bima, we feel confident that all our students will be well on their way to a life of Jewish commitment and learning.

Please review our B’nei Mitzvah Guidelines and Parent Readings.

To help your child make the most of this special time, to deepen their commitment to Judaism and to give them a greater awareness and knowledge about their heritage and Jewish identity, please explore the B’nei Mitzvah Honors Program.

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