Many times during the year, members and friends tell us that they would like to contribute something to our congregation in honor or memory of a loved one or mark a special occasion.  We are often asked what would enhance one of our programs and services.  Sometimes our operating budget alone cannot provide for all of our wishes and needs, large and small.

The following list offers some suggestions, but don’t hesitate to suggest additional creative ways to enhance our congregation and community.   Wish List contributors will be recognized in the weekly e-newsletter and in the Chadashot quarterly bulletin.

Please note the special opportunities to contribute to the High Holy Days 5783 and start the new year with a little extra sweetness.

Congregation Beth Israel Wish List
High Holy Days 5783
Sponsor the Rosh Hashanah Bima Flowers  $          1,500
Sponsor the Rosh Hashanah Congregational Dinner Flowers  $             540
Sponsor Yom Kippur Bima Flowers  $          1,500
Sponsor the Rosh Hashanah Oneg  $             720
Sponsor the Break the Fast Treat  $             360
Sponsor the Simchat Torah Oneg  $          1,200
Underwrite the High Holy Day Congregational Gift  $          1,000
Annual Wish List
Sponsor the Shabbat Nosh for one week  $             100
Sponsor the Shabbat Nosh for one month  $             360
Sponsor a special Oneg Shabbat  $             540
Sponsor a monthly Shabbat dinner  $          1,800
Sponsor a week of LiveStream  $             360
Underwrite the installation of safety banisters on the Bima  $          2,500
Underwrite one issue of the Chadashot, the CBI quarterly bulletin  $          1,800
Sponsor the Annual Meeting breakfast  $             720
Sponsor a Tot Shabbat / Hevre Dinner  $             540
Sponsor a Helping Hevre Breakfast  $             360
Sponsor a Ma’ayan Dinner  $             360
Underwrite the Hevre Ceremonial Arts Program  $          1,800
Underwrite a special Shabbat Musical Artist  / Artist in Resident  $          2,500



Why did we choose Pilgrim Rest to have in-person HHD Services?
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church is a beautiful facility and a short 19-minute drive from CBI. When we started the planning process for the High Holy Days we were looking for a sacred space that:

–  The ability to be together as one congregation.
–  Having a sacred space to worship together but also be able to social distance.
–  Providing a choice of services, programming, and locations to meet the diverse needs of our congregation.

Many of the venues considered, including Chaparral Christian Church that we have been at for the past 15 years, was either not available or did not meet the needs of our congregation. In addition, we have developed a wonderful and close relationship with the Pilgrim Rest community, and we are honored to share their spiritual home. We believe it is so critical in these times to develop strong relationships and partnerships.

Who made the decision to go to Pilgrim Rest?
The recommendation was provided to the Board of Directors as well as a slate or Past Presidents by Clergy and CCEO.

Will transportation be provided? What is the cost?
For those not comfortable driving to and from Pilgrim Rest, a complimentary shuttle bus will provide transportation between
CBI and Pilgrim Rest. Reservations for each shuttle will be required and available on our website.


Will there be virtual services?
All services will be live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

Will prayer books be available for those choosing virtual services?
A limited number of Mishkan Hafanesh prayerbook sets will be made available for members to borrow. Prayerbooks can be
checked out from the CBI front desk beginning August 16th .

As well, the Mishkan Hafanesh prayerbook is available for virtual access or purchase. The link and purchase information
will be provided on our website.

What is the One Voice Family Service and who is it geared toward?
The Family Service on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is an inter-generational service that will be held in the CBI Sanctuary with overflow seating in the Ballroom. It will consist of traditional prayers and celebrations as well as music and teachings appropriate for all family members (children ages 7 and above). Reservations will be required.

What is the Tot Yontif Service and who is it geared toward?
The Tot Yontif service on Rosh Hashanah is for young families with children ages birth to 6 years. It will be a wonderful service filled with music and stories. Reservations will be required.


Can Guest tickets be purchased for Services?
We welcome all guests to join CBI for High Holy Days.

ROSH HASHANAH & YOM KIPPUR | Ticket includes Erev Rosh Hashanah and/or Kol Nidre
A Guest ticket includes access to the evening and daytime services for either Rosh Hashanah OR Yom Kippur.

FAMILY SERVICES | One Voice Family Service
Rosh Hashanah-Monday, September 26, 2:30pm & Yom Kippur-Wednesday, October 5, 2:30pm.

There is no fee and tickets are not required to attend, but reservations are required.

**Guest Tickets purchased by non-members may be applied toward a New Member Contribution for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.