Congregation Beth Israel is a vibrant and inclusive synagogue located in Arizona. We are a Reform Jewish congregation committed to building a strong and meaningful Jewish community in the state. We provide various programs and services, including worship services, religious education, social action, and community events.

Our congregants come from diverse backgrounds and walk of life, and we welcome all who wish to join us in exploring and celebrating Jewish culture and traditions. We believe that Jewish tradition and culture are rich, dynamic, and always evolving, and we strive to create a community that reflects this diversity.

Our religious services are led by our Rabbi and Cantor and blend traditional and contemporary elements. We strongly focus on social justice and community service, and we are involved in various outreach and charitable programs to help those in need.

We also have a vibrant youth program that gives children and teens a chance to learn about their Jewish heritage and culture through classes, activities, and events.

We believe that a synagogue is more than just a place to worship, it is a community of people who come together to support each other, learn from each other, and build a better future together. We invite you to join us and join our Congregation Beth Israel family.

    1. Worship Services: Members can participate in regular Shabbat and holiday services led by our Rabbi and Cantor, as well as other special services throughout the year.
    2. Religious Education: Members have access to adult education classes and programs, as well as religious schools for children.
    3. Community events: Members can participate in a variety of social and cultural events throughout the year, such as potlucks, Shabbat dinners, and holiday celebrations.
    4. Social Action: Members can get involved in social justice and community service projects through the synagogue and in partnership with other organizations.
    5. Youth programs: Members can access youth programs and activities that give children and teens a chance to learn about their Jewish heritage and culture through classes, activities, and events.
    6. Support and Caring Community: Members have access to a support network of fellow congregants and staff who can provide assistance and support during difficult times.
    7. Access to Rabbi: Members have access to the guidance and counsel of our Rabbi for life events and other personal needs.
    8. Discounts and Priority Access: Members can access discounts on event tickets and priority registration for programs and classes.
    9. Connection to Jewish Community: Membership in Congregation Beth Israel of Arizona provides a sense of connection to the Jewish community and the opportunity to participate in Jewish life in a meaningful way.



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