Through support of Congregation Beth Israel’s Endowment for the Second Century, we are moving toward the historic milestone of turning 100 years old by guaranteeing the financial viability of our congregation for our children and grandchildren. Every individual and family whose heart so moves them will have a unique opportunity to inscribe its name in the history of our congregation.

It is a blessing for Congregation Beth Israel members to be part of a living history of the Southwestern United States. As Arizona’s oldest and most respected Jewish congregation, our roots go deep to the pioneering days of the early Twentieth Century. In 1920 our founders set out to create a rich and uplifting spiritual home for the generations to come. We have fulfilled their hopes and dreams for us through creating a vibrant and meaningful community. With our beautiful campus, loyal members, dedicated clergy and staff and progressive vision, Congregation Beth Israel continues to build on the legacy of our past.

As we approach our second century of Jewish living in the Southwest the question we may ask is “What will the next generations say of us?”

To learn more about Congregation Beth Israel’s Endowment for the Second Century, contact Rabbi Stephen Kahn.

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