Introducing our new Logo

As we embark on our next one hundred years, we do so with a modern new logo representing our optimism and energy for the future while honoring our past. As a vibrant Jewish community, warmth, tradition, inclusiveness, and innovation guide us as we strive for a deeper connection to Torah, God, and Israel. As a center of Jewish life in the Valley of the Sun since 1920, we are committed to being part of its future and serving our community in significant ways.

Our new logo symbolizes the breadth and depth of our congregation and the many ways we can grow, thrive, and flourish together. Love of Judaism is the foundation of our relationship, illustrated by the bold Star of David at the logo’s base.

The flame rises out of the star with vibrant colors and graceful flair as a beacon of hope and strength. The blues, which make the ‘C’ in CBI, represents Torah, Faith, Congregation, and Community. The red and pinks that make the ‘B’ in CBI represent the many lifecycles from childhood to adulthood. The red represents the mikvah, where people can immerse themselves in celebrating moments of joy, healing after times of sorrow or illness, or commemorating transitions and changes. Pink represents our early childhood program where the youngest among us, our infants, toddlers, and children, begin their Jewish journey.

The greens which form the ‘I’ represent our commitment to Eretz Israel -the land of Israel- and to the Jewish education of our youth as they mature to adulthood. The ‘I’ also embodies our beloved Camp Daisy and Harry Stein, a critical aspect of our youth program, where children develop strong Jewish identity and leadership. It reminds us of the tall pine trees swaying in the breeze, almost able to touch the sun. Lastly, the yellow dot that completes the ‘I’ pays homage to our home in the Valley of the Sun but also symbolizes the full circle of life and the final resting place of many of our congregational family at Beth Israel Cemetery.

Together, all these elements make Congregation Beth Israel a dynamic and exciting congregation. We hope our new logo fills you with enthusiasm and passion for CBI today and in the future.

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