What a big transition our one’s experience is!  In a short period of time, they have gone from needing their every need met to walking, feeding themselves, using simple words and so much more.

The ones also transition to school snack and napping 1 time a day on a mat.  The ones classroom is filled with hands on exploration with a strong focus on language development, gross and fine motor development and sensory play. 

Language:  Using simple words to label objects, family members and asking for help.  We also introduce simple signs to help ease the transition into speech.

Gross and Fine Motor:  Physical development occurs so quickly at this age!  Children go from barely walking to running and climbing.  Gross motor is important in developing fine motor skills.  We need strong arms to support our hands so they can develop pincer grasp, picking up smaller objects and manipulating toys.  Allowing the children to run, throw balls, dance and do movement/motion songs encourage physical development.

Sensory Play:  Sensory exploration is proven to help the brain make connections to the world around them.  Different textures, and colors stimulate learning and new experiences.

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