Congregation Beth Israel’s Chanen Preschool provides a high-quality, safe, and developmentally appropriate Jewish preschool experience.


At Chanen Preschool, each child is seen as a unique and precious gift. Our professional team encourages intellectual. Social/emotional, fine/gross motor. Students will play, learn, laugh, and grow in a nurturing Jewish environment.

We foster a positive self-image and Jewish identity. Chanen Preschool strives to ensure that each child, who is a part of our Chanen community is rooted in Jewish values and traditions.


At Chanen Preschool our curriculum is focused on foundational early childhood education. Early Childhood Development refers to a child’s physical, cognitive, language, and socio-emotional development.  Children are not passive learners. Instead, they learn through physical, social, and mental activities. Because children learn through firsthand actions with objects and things in their world, their learning occurs and is linked to the overall environment and their cultural experiences.  

Play is how children find out about their world. All types of play manipulative play, play with games, rough-and-tumble play, and socio-dramatic play – provide children with opportunities to try things out, see what happens, and learn. As active learners, young children need opportunities to observe things and events in their here-and-now world, develop their own ideas, try them out, find out what happens, and come up with their own answers.

At Chanen we know it is our job to provide the students with opportunities to learn and grow through play experiences. 

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For information or to schedule a tour please contact Preschool Principal, Shaleen Hill at (480) 951-3398 or [email protected].

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