Welcome to learning and education at CBI. We believe that lifelong learning is a fundamental aspect of Jewish life, and we are committed to providing various educational opportunities for our community.

Our adult education program includes classes and workshops on various topics, including Jewish history, theology, ethics, and culture. We also offer Hebrew language classes for all levels and adult B’nei Mitzvah classes for those who wish to celebrate the rite of passage.

Our classes are led by experienced educators and scholars dedicated to fostering a love of learning and a deep understanding of Jewish tradition. Our adult education program is an important way to connect with our heritage, build community, and deepen our connection to God.

We offer classes at various times throughout the week to accommodate different schedules. Some of our classes are held in person, and others are held online.

We believe that adult education is a vital part of Jewish life, and we invite you to explore our offerings and join us in learning and growing together.

If you have any questions or want to register for a class, please get in touch with us at 480-951-0323. We look forward to learning with you!

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