Childcare & Youth Programming 

Rosh Hashanah- Ages Walking to 3rd Grade

Yom Kippur – Ages Walking to 3rd Grade

The childcare will take place on the campus of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.

Pre-Registration Required

To ensure that we have adequate staff and provide a warm and nurturing experience for your preschool-aged child, pre-registration for babysitting is required.  We will be unable to accept drop-ins.

Reservation Deadline  

Reservations must be received no later than 4 PM FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th, to be placed on the babysitting roster. As space is limited, please fill out and submit the form as early as possible.  Availability cannot be guaranteed.

A snack will be provided.  Please bring all items your child will need (formula-prepared bottles, finger foods if needed, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, special toy, change of clothes) and label with your child’s first and last name.

 For Childcare questions, contact Gail Gilmartin, 480-951-0323