We prepare our congregation’s young adults as Jewish educators and to develop leaders and role models for the Jewish community.

This program allows our high school students to partner in the Judaic education process with our teachers, while gaining valuable experience in communication, compassion, patience, responsibility, and organization.   Many of our current teachers were former madrichim.


What does a High School Madrich/a do?
As a Madrich/a, you will be assigned to work with a Sunday school teacher and assist with curriculum development and instruction throughout the year. In addition to the classroom component of the program, the Madrichim participate in a Jewish leadership training program. The program will encompass discussions and concepts of Jewish education, enrichment opportunities (i.e. planning all-school holiday programs), study of Torah texts.  Students will be jointly monitored by the teacher they assist and the Madrichim Coordinator.

Volunteer or Paid Positions
There are a limited number off paid positions for students currently in grades 10-12. These spots are assigned based on a rubric which assigns points for being enrolled in our 2019-20 Ma’ayan program, Jewish summer camp, previous work experience as a madrich/a, etc. and interview process.  Applications received before July 20th will receive an additional point. Paid positions will be awarded in August.

First year madrichim and 8th-9th graders are only offered volunteer positions. Volunteer madrichim may apply their hours toward community service credit.

The madrichim program is open only to CBI families. Please feel free to contact Heather Glovinsky at hglovinsky@cbiaz.org with any questions or the online link to be sent via email or apply to the following link below: 

Madrichim Application Form  |