CLASS DESCRIPTIONS  |  Thursdays 6:30-8:45pm

1st hour | core classes | grades 8th–12th
Students attend the core classes below for their grade-level after dinner – 6:45-7:45pm.

8th | We’ve Got Issues | Contemporary Judaism
Explore Jewish trends and learn what it means to be a modern day Jew. Can I get a Star of David tattoo? Are Orthodox Jews better Jews? Why should I care about Israel? It’s so far away!

9th | OMG |God in Our World
What happened to the “O” in G-d? Why does God let bad things happen? Is the only place for me to connect with God at synagogue? Explore these questions through music, movies and more.

10th | Confirmation
Come hang out with your favorite rabbis, you know you love them! Become part of the 96th Confirmation class and learn more about a variety of Jewish topics and issues. Make a difference in our world and travel to Washington, DC for L’Taken, a social action seminar for Jewish teens in January 2016! Please note the additional Confirmation Fee: $360.

11th | Repairing & Preparing the World | Tikkun Olam
The world is a fixer-upper. This is your chance to make it a better place. Social action projects abound, as well as meaningful discussions about how to make a difference in our immediate community.

 12th | Packing Your Judaism for College
You’re in the homestretch! Thinking ahead to next year, what Jewish ideas, choices and rituals are you taking with you? Graduation Fee: $50

2nd hour | elective classes | grades 8th–12th
Students may choose an elective at the start of each semester – 7:50-8:45pm.  

We strive to offer elective classes that will engage our students and create a fun environment for students to explore and identify their Jewish history, values and personal beliefs