The education of our young people is our important endeavor. There is a midrash (Shir haShirim Raba 1:3) that says when God was ready to give the Torah, to the Jewish people, God wanted a “guarantor.” — God said “I’m giving you my precious Torah, bring me a good guarantor, and I’ll give it to you.” The people of Israel said, “we’ll give you our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, they’ll vouch for us and be our guarantors.” God said, “what kind of guarantors are they? You’re promising to give me something which is already mine. So the people tried again. They said, “how about the prophets?” God said “the prophets! They have not collectively and willingly followed my commandments!” So the people tried again. “Master of the Universe, our CHILDREN will be our guarantors.” God responded, “now you’re talking! Your children will make a great guarantor. For their sake, I will give you the Torah.”

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