3rd Congregational Scribe Event - Congregation Beth Israel, Scottsdale Arizona

3rd Congregational Scribe Event

Event details

  • Sunday | January 23, 2022
  • 10:00 am
All CBI members and their families are invited to participate in our Torah writing project. With Scribe events scheduled throughout the coming months, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to be a part of this historic event.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who can participate in the Torah Writing Experience?
Everyone! Writing a letter in our new Torah is open to ALL members of the Congregation Beth Israel community. Create your connection with Torah.
  • Can I fill in a specific letter that I have dedicated?
Congregants sign up for their turn and fill in the following available letter. It is truly amazing and inspirational when the Sofer relates how each letter that a person randomly receives is directly connected with their life. The Sofer will write the letter you filled in on the certificate you receive. You will also receive a photo as you and the Sofer both scribe your letter in our new Torah.
  • When and where can we meet the Sofer?
Over the next several months, we will be holding a series of events for the CBI community to meet the Sofer, write in the Torah and participate in this incredibly moving educational experience. Events will be included in this newsletter and on the CBI website.
Additional Scribe events: