CBI Cares in January: Urgent Supplies Needed for Asylum Seekers

In partnership with Arizona Jews for Justice “Pack the Bus” project, CBI Cares is collecting essential items for asylum-seeking families in Mexico. As the weather gets colder, we acknowledge that every human as the need for basic resources that can keep them warm on brutally cold desert nights and keep their hopes up as they struggle to make the most out of very limited resources. There are a few ways to help:

Purchase the items directly from this Amazon wish list to bring to our collection site at CBI.

Make a donation to the CBI Cares Fund and we will make the purchase for you.

A fresh pair of pants, underwear, socks and shoes can be a lifeline that sustains the hope of a better tomorrow.

CBI Cares is a part of the Hilton Family Welcome Home Project

Shema Circle: A place to listen, a place to be heard

A supportive group for CBI members experiencing life transitions, losses, and difficult moments to share wisdom, stories, connection, and healing.

As Jews, storytelling is central to our identity. The Shema Circle offers a place to tell our stories, to make sense of our lives through our tragedies, loneliness, joy and change.  The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves narrate and shape our lives – but sometimes to make our way through painful seasons, we need to change the way we understand our stories.

We invite you to join our healing supportive group and begin to share and revise difficult parts of the story with love, confidentiality and hopefully a little laughter.  

CBI Cares, a part of the Hilton Family Welcome Home Project, is a group of inspired and motivated CBI volunteers who are here to support and to show care to our CBI community.

How can we help you?

We invite you – at any time, not just in ‘uncertain times,’ to reach out to cbicares@cbiaz.org. Through this confidential, clergy monitored email address you can easily let us know:

  • If you or someone you know about is unwell
  • If you are in need or in distress
  • If you could benefit from a phone call
  • If you’d like to share a cup of coffee with a caring congregant
  • If you need a ride to temple
  • If you could use a home cooked meal  

Get Help from CBI Cares

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