CBI Cares in August
CBI is partnering with Phoenix Elementary School District #1 to provide child-sized face masks for students going back to in-person learning as schools re-open.  As we know, wearing a mask is a sacred act of protecting and caring for one another. We will be collecting as many child-sized masks as possible throughout the month of August and donating them to schools in need.  By accepting our donation, the school will need to spend less money on masks and be able to spend more on other important kinds of PPE, like desk guards, face shields, and more. Please either:
Bring your donation of child sized face masks to CBI
Or, make an online donation to the CBI Cares Fund

If you are looking to purchase masks for children, you can find them locally and online. Some options are Sibley’s West, AZ Life Apparel, Target.
Or, if you would like to make your own you can find a template here.

CBI Cares is a part of the Hilton Family Welcome Home Project

CBI Cares, a part of the Hilton Family Welcome Home Project, is a group of inspired and motivated CBI volunteers who are here to support and to show care to our CBI community.

How can we help you?

We invite you – at any time, not just in ‘uncertain times,’ to reach out to cbicares@cbiaz.org. Through this confidential, clergy monitored email address you can easily let us know:

  • If you or someone you know about is unwell
  • If you are in need or in distress
  • If you could benefit from a phone call
  • If you’d like to share a cup of coffee with a caring congregant
  • If you need a ride to temple
  • If you could use a home cooked meal  

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