Urge Your Members of Congress to Reject the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.  Take Action

Rabbi Kahn’s Note to the Congregation:

Dear Friends,

By now you have likely had time to digest last week’s news on the “deal” which was negotiated between the United States and its allies with the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding their nuclear program.

During Shabbat Services this past Friday evening I spoke passionately against the proposed deal with Iran within the context of a section from last week’s Torah portion, Matot. In the first verses of last week’s parsha, God commands the Israelites to abide by the vows and oaths they make to God. I argued that it was, in my opinion, unethical and morally reprehensible for the United States to enter into an agreement (a vow or oath) with Iran when it is empirically provable that Iran has a long and unambiguous history of deception and lying, oppression and hatred.

It is my belief that negotiating with the largest state sponsor of terror in the world which will among other things, allow for the immediate redemption of billions of dollars emboldens an oppressive, anti-democratic theocracy which espouses the destruction of the State of Israel and funds terror organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. The fact that the deal, among many other problems, will not in any significant or concrete way even acknowledge Iran’s despicable behavior is a travesty, at best.

I invite all Congregation Beth Israel members to act within the context of our democracy to speak out against this unacceptable deal. As you know, we are in an important partnership with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC has created a simple link (please click here) on their website whereby you may write members of Congress, including Senators McCain and Flake along with your district’s congressperson urging them to reject the nuclear agreement with Iran in their upcoming vote. I have just completed the letter and it took me approximately one minute.

Please join me and millions of Americans in imploring our congressional delegates to reject the Iranian nuclear agreement. Together will send a powerful message to our leaders that no deal is better than this deal!


Rabbi Stephen Kahn