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BITY Board Elections

BITY Board elections are coming up on April 29th.  View all the info Here.

BIG Jewish fun! It’s what we do!

Balancing Jewish experiences with creative social programming helps build strong Jewish identities that last a lifetime. Here at Congregation Beth Israel, we look forward to providing your children with a well-balanced year of learning, social action, and social opportunities. Come join us for fun activities, close friendships, Jewish programming, and of course, food!


View our full calendar of events here.


We strive to provide the foundation for long-lasting friendships for your children within our Jewish community. In general, parents and kids alike are happy and excited about our programming options.

One parent from our 5th & 6th grade group, Mini BITY, commented, “Just wanted to follow up and tell you our son really enjoyed today’s event! He loved the games, and activities, and of course, the food. Thanks for tipping the ‘fun’ scale today!”

Another, from our Itty BITY (2nd-4th grade) event including As You Wish painting and pottery, “Please count our girls in for this Sunday’s Itty BITY event. Our girls are so excited to participate!!”

Perhaps the most important impact we work towards is that on our children’s Jewish identities, and personal growth. One high school youth grouper made a particularly heart-warming assessment, “I have made the closest friends in BITY (9th-12th grade). Sometimes all the problems I’m going through are so big, but when I’m here, I can just be myself and hang out with my friends. I really love it here!”