Along with your help, Congregation Beth Israel would like to purchase new Machzorim (High Holy Day Prayerbooks) for the 2017/5778 High Holy Day Season. Donate Machzorim


Special features/highlights to purchase the new Machzorim…

Fully transliterated & gender neutral liturgy
Contemporary poetry and alternative readings
Rich commentary drawing from Jewish tradition
New translations that capture the beauty of the Hebrew

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  • -Mishkan HaNefesh is a two book collection with one Machzor for Rosh Hashanah and one for Yom Kippur.
  • -Each donation of $72 will provide one set of two Machzorim on which naming plaques can be created “In Memory of,” “In Honor of” or “In Appreciation of.” (sorry, no customization beyond the categories listed)
  • -Each donated set will have name plates located on the inside cover of both books in each set.
  • -You may donate as many sets as you wish (no discount can be given for larger donations)


*If You Are Interested in Endowing our High Holy Day Machzorim please contact Rabbi Stephen Kahn directly. An Endowment Gift will receive special recognition on each set of the new Machzorim as well as many other benefits of our Endowment program.