Worship Services during High Holy Days are open to CBI Members only.

All members in good standing may purchase additional tickets for relatives (e.g. parents, siblings, children and their families who live in town and are members of another local synagogue)  as well as for out-of-town relatives who are not part of another synagogue and visiting for the High Holy Days. All additional tickets may be reserved for a minimum donation of $36 each.

*For guests who are members of other synagogues out of state, Reciprocal Seating Request Forms are available through the synagogue office. Please contact Iris Cohn.


Please note that adults in good standing will be admitted by ticket only. Children of pre-college age accompanied by a member in good standing, college students with IDs and military do not require tickets. Each member unit will be entitled to two tickets. These tickets will be identifiable as members’ tickets and are meant for use only by members (or the companion of a single member).  PLEASE DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKETS – IT’S CRITICAL TO PROVIDING PROPER SECURITY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY