James Levy

James began his career as a pharmacist in 1995 in Montreal, Quebec. Shortly thereafter, due to his passion for investing, he moved to New York City and became an equity trader. James is analytical, has a quick mind for numbers, and a philanthropic spirit.

In 2008, he and his wife Brooke moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to start a family. It was at this point that his sense of religion resurfaced from his youth. Growing up in Montreal, Judaism played a fundamental role in his life. He attended an Orthodox Synagogue, was educated in Jewish Schools until college, kept Kosher, and watched his Father read the Torah on the Sabbath. It was because of this strong sense of faith that he returns to it today, wanting to instill the same kind of Jewish values to his daughter. One of his favorite rituals is leading the Passover service in Hebrew just like it was done in his family generations before him.

In 2011, James enrolled in Grand Canyon University, where he is pursuing an MBA in Finance. This degree will reinforce and improve upon his skill set in business, investments, and other financial related tools. Currently, James manages and oversees his family’s investment portfolio, which includes equity positions, financial instruments, and real estate holdings. He also implements investment strategies and asset allocation for his family’s private foundation.

James’ experience and education coupled with his innate Jewish faith would make him a valuable asset to Beth Israel’s Board of Trustees, helping to ensure the longevity and continued success of such an important Jewish institution.