Book Club

Event details

  • Thursday | November 16, 2017
  • 7:00 pm

We are pleased to announce that Congregation Beth Israel will be resuming its book club.

The first book will be The Beginning of Politics: Power in the Biblical Book of Samuel.  The Book of Samuel is universally acknowledged as one of the supreme achievements of biblical literature. The book’s anonymous author was an inspired storyteller. The author was also an uncannily astute observer of political life and the moral compromises and contradictions that the struggle for power inevitably entails.  The Beginning of Politics mines the story of Israel’s first two kings to unearth a natural history of power, providing a forceful new reading of what is arguably the first and greatest work of Western political thought.  Through stories such as Saul’s madness, David’s murder of Uriah, the rape of Tamar, and the rebellion of Absalom, the book’s author deepens our understanding not only of the necessity of sovereign rule but also of its costs—to the people it is intended to protect and to those who wield it.

The book will be discussed in two sessions.  The first will be on Thursday, November 16 and the second on Thursday, December 7.  Both sessions will start at 7:00 pm.

The sessions will be led by Aaron Higashi, a professor in the theology department at Grand Canyon University and a Beth Israel congregant.

In the first session, Aaron will review the biblical Book of Samuel so that the participant can have a deeper understanding when reading The Beginning of Politics.  In the second session, the group will discuss The Beginning of Politics.

There is no prior knowledge or level of literacy required.  Aaron will provide this for you.  And we welcome those who are interested but do not have time to read the book.

The classes will be conducted on Thursday nights in conjunction with the Ma’ayan program.  We encourage Ma’ayan parents to attend while their teens are attending the Ma’ayan classes.

Those who want to purchase the book and do so at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.